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Choc Spice Banana Loaf

Here is the full list of the articles we have published on our banana loaf recipe website, with a short introduction to each. These articles give you help and advice on a variety of topics, from knowing when your banana loaf is cooked, to changing tin sizes.

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Banana Loaf Equipment Reviews

Making a cake is mostly about ingredients and method but, let's face it, you can't bake a cake without a cake tin. So here we go through the key equipment you might need ...

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Banana Loaf Ingredients

Our banana loaf recipe is simple and easy. Nevertheless, as you read the recipe, prepare your shopping list or even as you start making the cake, you might have questions about the ingredients we use or the quantities we specify...

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Banana Loaf Additional Ingredients

You don’t have to add anything to a banana loaf cake, particularly if you’re wanting more of a banana bread that is going to be eaten, in the American tradiiton, at breakfast time. However, adding ingredients is fun and ...

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The Rubbing in Method In Baking

When you make a cake, there are many different ways to combine the ingredients. One of those is known as the "rubbing-in method". Quite simply, it is the act of using your fingers to combine hard fat ...

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Is it a banana loaf, a banana cake, a banana bread or a banana tea bread?!

We thought long and hard about the name of this cake, and hence the naming of this website, as this is not exactly a clearcut thing. The combining of flour, eggs, sugar and fat with bananas makes it, in our book, a cake. But say ...

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Can you freeze bananas?

If you’ve got a banana that is going brown or even black in the fruit bowl and no-one in the family will touch it - “yuck, Mum, that ones going all horrible!” - then don’t throw it away. Just put it in the freezer! You don’t ...

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How to bake the perfect loaf cake - 12 tips for success

It’s always nerve-wracking baking a cake. You put all the effort in and then have to wait for what seems like an age only to find that your cake looks no bigger than it did when it went in and has burnt on top ...

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Storing a banana loaf cake

So you’ve made a fabulous banana loaf cake. How can you ensure that it keeps as well as possible so you can enjoy it for several days? ...

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Baking a Banana Loaf Recipe with Kids

Another reason we love our recipe for Banana Loaf here at Banana Loaf Recipe is that it is a great recipe to do with children. When you start cooking with kids you want things to do with them that are easy. You need to feel that ...

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Banana Loaf Recipe for Pudding

In the winter months, when it’s cold outside and the trees are bare, we snuggle away in our hidey-holes called home and eat comfort food. When it comes to the right time of year to indulge in pudding, this is it ...

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How much does it cost to make this banana loaf recipe?

In case you were wondering how much our banana loaf recipe costs to make, we have done the calculations for you! That way, if you need to make this banana loaf reciep for a bake sale or simply want to know how much delicious home baking costs you ...

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12 Tips for Successful Baking with Kids

So, you've printed your free downloadable banana loaf recipe for kids and you're planning on a baking session today. Before you start, here are our tips to make your life easier ...

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Baking your Loaf in a Different Cake Tin Size

So you don’t have the correct tin size for your cake recipe but still want to bake it? Don’t despair! ...

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How to know if your cake is cooked in 5 steps

It can be hard to bake a cake to perfection, particularly a cake that cooks for a longer period of time, like a banana loaf cake. Ovens vary enormously ...

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3 Ways to Prepare a Cake Tin - Grease a Cake Tin, Line a Cake Tin or Use a Liner

When you are making a cake in any sort of tin, you need to make sure that a suitable barrier is placed between the mixture and the tin itself to stop the cake from sticking. ...

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