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Your free printable Banana Loaf Recipe for the kids

Baking a banana loaf with your kids

Our banana loaf recipe is such a great recipe to do with children! We have had lots of success baking it with our own kids and have heard lots of good reports about the successful baking experiences you have had in your own kitchens. As a result, we have created exclusively for a new printable recipe just for the kids.

To get your free, downloadable and printable banana loaf recipe for kids, just click the image above or this link, download the pdf and print.

The recipe is suitable for accompanied baking with young children or supervised/guided baking for older children. Please ensure all necessary precautions are taken when letting children cook. It features clear print and fun illustrations as well as a photo of the finished banana loaf. It is a suitable resource for teachers - for use in the classroom as a recipe to cook (as no machines are needed to mix the ingredients) or for use as a study-aid. It is also a great teaching resource for home-schooling families.

Printing your free printable banana loaf recipe for kids has the great advantage of meaning you can keep the laptop or tablet away from the cooking area. Nevertheless, don't forget that a wealth of helpful articles can be found on our website if you get stuck while cooking - for instance, you can check out our stage-by-stage photos on the main banan loaf recipe page, and you can troubleshoot your baking problems with our article "Baking your banana loaf - is it cooked?".

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